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Working 121 With Me & What To Expect

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

I am a Transformation Coach and I specialise in Spiritual Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence.

I offer two types of coaching: Transformational Coaching for navigating change and growth.

I also offer Soul Communication Coaching where I specifically psychically channel information personal to you from divine intelligence.

This is an example of a Private 121 Coaching session process with a new client:

Initial informal chat over the phone – 20 – 30 minutes.

A good conversation! It’s important to have a positive and comfortable connection. From this chat, we will know if we are meant to work together.

No sales tactics or pressure! I am interested in a good match, otherwise it doesn’t work.

Next Stage – Payment, Contract and Questions.

Payment is requested in advance via online transfer to secure your session.

I email a contract to sign to protect confidentiality etc. along with a couple of other documents to read re: data privacy and ethics.

I also email a set of questions for you to answer - not general knowledge, it’s relevant to the session! ;)

It is a thought-provoking exercise that helps you gain clarity, and it lets me know more about you.

I also send a zoom link.

My preparation for our session – 1 hour

I spend some of this time reading through your notes and considering what techniques and insights would be helpful.

If you are having a Soul Communication Experience, then this involves a lot more prep for me.

Since my personal transformation, I can now sit in meditation and receive guidance / messages for my clients! I wasn’t expecting that bit!

It is insightful, soulful and practical information to support your transformation and healing.

I don’t know what I am going to receive for you but I do know that it is given from love, it comes from the highest source of love and it speaks to what you need to know at this time for your greatest expansion.

It typically involves messages about emotional blockages that are occurring in your life / what might be holding you back and how to go about shifting this.

The info can relate to any area of your life including career and relationships.

It might include past life information that can serve your present and future. It can relate to your destiny, your fulfilment, your personal path.

It has so far been fascinating, powerful and liberating!

It certainly seems to explain a lot for people and helps them to make sense of what is going on now and how to change things. It can also uncover gifts or talents that you may not know you had.

I remind clients that you must always check what resonates for you.

What is potentially even more important than the information itself, is the integration of it, so that you are able to make sense of it and do something with it to change your life for the better.

I do not pass myself off as some sort of guru or authority. Nobody can know the truth about everything, much about this life will remain a mystery until we reach the other side!

121 Session – 60 – 90 minutes.

Where the magic happens!

Almost all my clients take the full 90 minutes but the choice is yours.

I lead the session and help you feel as comfortable as possible. Clients typically find it very easy to share with me. That is the beauty of this safe space, it's time for you.

I am a qualified and very experienced coach. I am also skilled at remaining objective and non-judgemental whilst compassionate and caring.

I am intuitive and I have a lot of knowledge in the areas of subconscious patterns, energy, emotions and more.

Equally, I do not know everything! My aim is to empower you to know yourself deeply.

I work with a unique blend of psychology and spirituality and is a very healing experience. I sometimes guide clients through meditations or specific exercises as required.

I may share tarot or oracle card messages in the session which we can explore if you are open to that. All used to connect you with your intuition.

We focus on the areas of your life that you wish to change and the sessions flow organically.

You are always empowered to be responsible for drawing your own conclusions.

By the end of the session, clients typically feel empowered, relieved, connected, at peace, positive, uplifted, clear, enlightened, inspired and deeply understood (their words, not mine).

You will have some key concepts to focus on going forward as well as practical techniques.

You are welcome to take notes, but you don’t have to, because I do that.

Transformation is absolutely possible! I empower my clients to have faith in themselves and the universe at large, to understand themselves and others, to work with energy, to see beyond the obvious and unlock parts of themselves they may never have known existed!

We all have a purpose and a destiny awaiting us, often on the other side of the struggle and the challenges!

After the session – Accountability and Progress Report

I spend this time typing a report specific to your session. This way you have a reminder of the content of the session and what to focus on going forward.

I hope that is helpful to know this process. I put every effort into making these sessions effective, supportive, and empowering but nothing happens without you so it requires commitment. You are the magic!

It is a privilege to hold this space for my wonderful clients.

If you would like to explore working with me, I would love to talk. Give me a call on 07789911174 or email on

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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