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What Do You Want?!

With a New Moon in Leo coinciding with the Lions Gate, it's a brilliant time to set some intentions for yourself!

Here's how:

* Make a list of what you would like to attract into your life.

* Write down why you want to attract it & what it would mean to you.

* Get clear and honest with yourself about what you are actually prepared to do in order to get there, just one step at a time! Write down the first step and commit to when you are going to take it. Start small, enjoy a win and gain momentum!

Journalling prompts to tap into your inner Leo (we all have a lion within):

The Leo stage of our evolution is about self actualisation; the realisation of all that we are capable of and the embracing of all aspects of ourselves.

* In what areas in your life do you hold yourself back and how do you do this?

* If you were activating your full potential in this area, what would that look like?

* Where do you allow yourself to shine authentically and when do you wear a mask or feel like you need to pretend to be something / someone else?

* Where and how can you be a leader? (Leadership is Ian attribute not a job title).

* How could you be more playful?

* What can you do to encourage your creative side? (p.s you do have one)!

* What tasks during your day, can you put more heart and love into?

* What do you need to start accepting about yourself?

* What parts of yourself do you reject / dislike / feel frustrated by and how could you bring more compassion to these aspects?

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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