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We Get What We Focus On...

Is that true?

Well, yes….but there are some caveats!

Let’s get some clarity on this.

You get what you believe you can have.

So, our conscious mind may be focused on what we want to achieve,

but if our belief system has other ideas, this presents as a conflict.

How do we know if there is a conflict?

Our emotional guidance system will alert us.


Well, let’s say we are focused on something that we really want to achieve.

Such as, a new business we wish to build, an amount of money we wish to receive or meeting a great partner and having a fulfilling relationship.

But for example, our focus is significantly influenced by fear (e.g feelings of lack, scarcity, insecurity, doubt, resentment, impatience, worry, panic, loss, catastrophising etc).

This means that either our intention for this achievement is based in fear (we want it so we won’t be a failure, poor, lonely or rejected – and there is anything wrong with this btw).

Or that we don’t really believe that we are worthy or capable to succeed and maybe we are afraid of the risks involved etc (equally OK, and very common, think impostor syndrome for example).

Our emotional guidance system is alerting us to the fact that we are not in complete alignment with the destination or the journey we would need to go on to reach the goal.

This means that whilst we hold the desire in our conscious mind, there is a conflicting belief registering in our subconscious mind.

It may not feel like it, but this is actually a very helpful thing!

We are always being guided, irrespective of whether we like what we are being shown or not. The power is in our perspective.

This is why when we learn how to properly connect and listen to our emotions and feelings, we can make significant change and staggering breakthroughs in our lives.

It starts with awareness, when we have that, we can do something about it.

The emotions or feelings represent a fear (that exists in the form of a wound, memory or habit that has not been healed, processed or integrated).

This is not a bad thing either.

There is absolutely no point operating a pollyanna BS level of positivity if you have fears to address, this just creates suppression and frustration.

It is OK not to be ‘up there’ all the time, in fact, it is life, but once we clear this stuff out, we are able to operate in a high vibration more of the time.

Many people will go through life without addressing these things or changing. It is our choice; we all have free will and must do what feels right for ourselves. No judgment.

However, if we have the awareness, then let’s appreciate that about ourselves, it’s huge!

If we are prepared to do something about it, then the doors of possibility are swung open.

Let’s congratulate ourselves for this step! It is a brave move.

Courage is a high vibrational energy – so this is already shifting us up a gear in terms of energy…and energy creates everything!

Working with the underlying belief is the key.


Because when our beliefs clash with our conscious thoughts, it presents a blockage that acts as a barrier from us receiving what we are focused upon.

It is like a game of push and pull, which drains our energy but is also understandable.

It often attracts the very opposite of what we want and can cause great stress in the meantime, which we don’t want, because it makes us ill.

This will lead me to writing another blog about where beliefs come from, because I discovered some mind-blowing truths on my personal journey of transformation to answer this question!

However, back to the main point.

Yes, you do get what you are focused on, when it is focused on at all levels of consciousness, but often it isn’t!

Our subconscious and unconscious are extraordinarily more powerful than the conscious mind.

Fear is the block.

How do we turn this around?

When we can move into a higher vibration of love (positive intention, gratitude, joy, openness, expansion, possibility, self-belief, courage, happiness, willingness, excitement, acceptance, abundance, patience, trust, faith).

It also feels a lot better when we approach life this way and I do believe we are here to enjoy the ride!

Is there another more spiritual layer to this?

Yes, your soul has a plan for you in this life, a greater and more magical plan that you might even be able to imagine!

You came here to learn, to learn about raising your vibration (more love and less fear), to have unconditional love for yourself and to have faith in a higher power.

There are specific themes in your life (you will recognise them) that you have repetitive ‘lessons’ and golden nuggets in them.

You have your very own path and purpose.

You also have free will.

So you get to play your own song, you also choose to what level.

Will you play a quiet tune on the recorder (not dissing the recorder, although I do remember having to listen to it when my children were younger and that was a bit painful!) or will you play with the full orchestra?

No judgment. The choice is yours, always.

Ok, so how do I know if something is a part of my soul path or if I am clutching at straws?

You will feel it! You will feel it in your heart. That’s why they call it a heart’s desire.

You will just know deep down that something is for you. That is your intuition speaking.

It is your truth and however challenging it might seem, you can do it, you can get there and in fact, you were born for it!

It is yours and always will be, you just need to be prepared to go on the journey to get there, the hero’s or heroine’s journey!

I am still learning with this stuff, but I will gladly share.

I used to ‘know’ this stuff on an intellectual level, but through my transformation, I am embodying it and that’s a different game! It’s not been easy, but I am grateful.

I see clearly now, most of the time…unless I am drinking gin ;)

Blessings and abundance to you, Amanda G

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