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Vision & Values

Happy New Year To You!

Apols for radio silence on social for the past few months, I have been very busy with my work (truly grateful) and a few things had to slide!

I do believe that a bit of chaos stirs the pot and initiates change that we might not make otherwise.

It provided me with the perfect opportunity to streamline my business, my life and priorities.

It helped me to find my right rhythm of working in my business and making time to spend with family, friends and…..myself!

How will you take care of your life-force this year?

If we want more energy, joy and purpose, I have found that all four elements of our wellbeing require attention: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence.

I am not saying it’s easy, it ain’t! But it’s worth it. I know which of my areas are out of whack and I feel better that I am addressing this.


There is certainly great energy this month for reflecting on what is important to us in life and ascertaining how we wish to proceed (for the new year and beyond) personally and in businesses.

Motivation - The most powerful and long-term kind of motivation is intrinsic.

When we understand what really makes us and our people tick, this is GOLD!

When we do something with this knowledge and nurture, develop and work with it, we have the key to unlocking massive potential.

Inspiration can begin with our Vision and our Values (intertwined).

It might help to think of it like this:

Vision – Where you want to go and why.

Who you wish to serve.

The purpose, the aspiration.

Values – How you wish to travel on the journey.

What is it important to consider, develop, abide by and/or master along the way?

Behaviours that matter / conduct that supports the vision / guiding principles.

What is in the highest interest of all involved. What can we work towards? What do we hold dear?

Wishing you the most wholesome and integrated year of your life!

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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