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Tweak Your Beliefs!

Happy Monday Creators!

It’s a new day, it’s a new week!

What will you be creating in your life and business this week?

I am not just talking about literally creating new services, products, projects, jobs etc.

I am referring to creating our reality with our thoughts & beliefs.

It’s powerful stuff!

Thanks to Mr Thomas Edison for this quote.

What a wise man.

An incredible example of inspiration, purpose, persistence and determination.

He didn’t give up.

Thank goodness, because I reckon we are pretty grateful for his inventive genius and hard work!

We all have more potential within us.

What stops us doing the things we really are capable of?

Yes, we can come up with all sorts of practical, logical answers.

BUT, what holds most people back, in truth, is fear.

Where does it come from?

Well that’s a longer story, but in short; it is connected with our belief system.

Our beliefs run deep, like the iceberg!

Through the subconscious and unconscious parts of the mind.

Can they be changed?

YES, YES, YES (that just reminded me of the classic scene in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ :D)!

Change your beliefs = change your reality.

As within, as without.

Start today!

Practise changing your thoughts.

Write it down.

What can you say to yourself to feel motivated?

What can you choose to believe that feels good, expansive, exciting (it is a choice)?

What thought will get you moving in the right direction with positive focus and intention?

Why bother?

Because it...

· is GOOD for us (physically, mentally and emotionally)!

· feels so much better.

· brings positive results.

· positively influences others.

· empowers us (by taking responsibility for ourselves).

· we have the ability…so why not?! The alternative is rubbish!

You could surprise (or astound) yourself.

You must at least back yourself.

You are nothing short of a miracle!

Let’s Go!

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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