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Tuesday Tarot: Tiger In The Water!

As these two cards flipped, I realised how beautifully it explains some of the current push & pull energy.

I love that we have a tiger in water…because 2022 is the Chinese New Year of The Water Tiger!

Let’s take a look at what the combination of this Temperance card (Major Arcana) & 4 of Swords (Minor Arcana) may relate to our lives right now.

For a broader idea of what is happening with energy now, check out my Tuesday Tarot from last week via my Blog titled ‘Big Change’.

A tiger in water is symbolic of fire & water, two very different energies that require bringing into balance & harmony for the benefit of a powerful alchemical outcome!

Fire is hot, you know it’s there. It is spirituality, courage, passion, drive, enthusiasm, spark, the flame, the burn, the yang.

Water is vast, it’s the depth of feeling & our emotions, flow, relationships, intuition, yin & the psychic soup!

This combination requires some adjustment & recalibration.

Tigers love swimming! But having a tiger thrown in any situation could cause a stir at first! See the water as your emotional landscape…what does that feel like when a tiger arrives?!

It might bring up some uncomfortable or tense emotions to say the least, you might feel unsafe or unsteady in the ripples.

The tiger & water also represents the inner union of the Divine Masculine & Feminine, your inner King & Queen, the meeting of matter & spirituality.

How rough these seas are will depend upon our ability to become the Peaceful Warrior & balance powerful opposing forces.

The 4 of swords is encouraging us to find our stability & roots in alignment with our connection to higher power. Yet again, another beautiful balancing act.

If we can be the guardian of our emotion & body, if we can ground, meditate, find some inner peace, then our life-force will be renewed, all contributing to the current theme of rebirth.

We can let the storm pass through with acceptance & surrender…or we can block it with our resistance & our ego.

We can let the storm wash away the limiting thoughts & beliefs that no longer serve or we can be washed up & shipwrecked by them.

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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