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Tuesday Tarot- Money & Abundance!

Our financial matters can be a reflection of our beliefs about money & all it symbolises (e.g. security, self-worth, freedom, power, success, control etc).

To change our financial situation, we can:

• Take action! Nothing changes if nothing changes!

* Explore our relationship with money & our beliefs.

The external world (e.g money, relationships, work etc) is always communicating what we need to integrate within ourselves & presents opportunities for our growth.

The 5 of Pentacles depicts poverty consciousness. It is represented by a scene of isolation. What the person can’t see, is the key to unlocking the door to abundance!

They don’t notice it because they have their head down, stuck in feelings of unworthiness or shame (often subconscious).

A lack/scarcity mindset represents inner insecurity & potentially a victim mindset. I struggled with this, unbeknownst to me for a long time! There are many layers to work through, but when we do, it’s a revolution!

The 9 of Cups card is symbolic of wealth, good fortune, abundance & discovering our inner gold.

The image here displays a person who has unlocked some kind of treasure. They have discovered something about themselves &/or life that has elevated them!

Their inner gold is radiating with abundance from the inside out. They will attract everything they desire because there are no beliefs to block it.

Questions for you to explore:

* Without overthinking it...complete this statement: Money is……...............................................................................

• What beliefs about money might you have inherited from your family/generations? (Think about phrases/cliches spoken as well as patterns observed).

• How do you really feel about money, wealth & finance?

• What do you feel there is ‘not enough’ of in your life? (For me it started with my belief about there never being enough time….this can be a red flag to represent a lack mindset).

• What is your self-worth really based on and how sustainable is this source?

Good Abundant Vibes, Amanda

Cards from The Light Seers Tarot by Chris-Anne.

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