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Tuesday Tarot: Lead With Love

Ensure success by connecting with your highest intentions!

The 6 of Wands is a very positive card about leadership, victory, energy & passion.

In the image, someone is giving a performance to an audience (often depicted as people following a leader riding to victory). It is about being seen.

Perhaps you are about to deliver something, put yourself ‘out there’ in some way or embody leadership in some form?

Fear often arises as we step out of the comfort zone. True victory is choosing courage.

I know many people who are being challenged by their fears currently & taken to the edge!

It can be the test from the universe that we need but don’t necessarily like…& it unlocks magic!

With the Knight of Cups joining the scene, we are provided with an extra layer of advice; to lead with love. To check in with our values, passion, drive & desire rather than focusing on fear.

The horse symbolises moving forward & owning the power & strength we have within & freedom from limitations.

Turns out, this horse is actually a unicorn! A magical creature & the depiction of light, protection, unconditional love & pure intention.

Questions to ask yourself:

How can I lead from a place of love?

When I connect with my highest intentions, what does that look / feel like?

How can I focus on learning & enjoying the journey?

I hope this helps. Here’s to your victory!

Good Vibes, Amanda

Cards from the Sacred Sisterhood Tarot Deck for Fierce Women by Ahawnee DuBarr.

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