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Tuesday Tarot: Curiosity Kills Judgement

For you cat lovers out there, I have shuffled from ‘The Mystical Cat Tarot’ by Lunalea Weatherstone for your message today & the purrrrrfect cards presented.

If you are not familiar with tarot, please do not be alarmed by the 'Death' card! It is simply symbolic of transformation & rebirth. No kitties were harmed in the production of this blog post!

You may be feeling it’s time for a shift to happen. After all, life is for living, whether you have nine of them or just the one!

If you have noticed your ways of thinking are not fully supporting you in life, fear not! It’s OK, it can be transformed & the first stage is awareness.

Everything we experience in life is filtered through our personal lens & view of the world. The thing is, that it is typically a limited perspective & some of it may be unhelpful.

The ‘Earth Kitten’ card is about something new occurring for us, a new way of looking at things & even a new way of seeing ourselves. Fresh cats eyes!!

This kitten has met a hedgehog & is understandably curious about it. The kitten might notice some similarities & some differences in comparison to itself BUT it doesn’t make that information mean anything about itself or its own worth. That's where animals & humans differ!

It is the MEANING we make about our experiences & circumstances that dictates how we feel about ourselves. A judgemental mind is a limited one; it limits our potential & peace.

Curiosity helps us to change perspective.

Curiosity expands us with a capacity to be creative & flexible.

When we are struggling with impostor syndrome for example, we are leading with judgement not curiosity.

Being judgemental about ourselves &/or others is a low frequency state. It is an energy of shame that keeps us stuck or dependent.

When we choose curiosity, it puts us into a neutral state, one where we can observe with detachment, rather than playing the blame or shame game (that game is literally the least fun game I have ever played)!

Cats are curious, playful, spontaneous & sensual…..all the things that judgement restricts.

Be like the cat.

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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