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The Awakening 2023

I have something to share!

Lisa Edge & I are beyond excited about hosting 'The Awakening' at Theodore House, Stoneyhurst with Mike Jackson (who is just brilliant).

This event is NEW! It's having its FIRST OUTING in LANCASHIRE, our home county!

It's for professionals - the ones who really care about leadership, their people, relationships and growing.

What are we bringing?

Spiritual & Emotional Intelligence to business.

Empowerment, education and insight, revelations and practical take-aways.

You can book for the day or you can stay for the evening experience too!

Why Are We Bothering?

Because we have a vision of a room full of people who want to make a difference!

Lisa has a big heart and is driven by a deep sense of purpose and felt that people are shifting their opinions and beliefs about what life is really about.

Particularly since the pandemic and all the subsequent change we have experienced.

I have been on a radical journey of personal transformation which has culminated in shifting from being a die-hard sceptic to having a spiritual awakening and becoming psychic!

Not what I imagined!! But hey, that's destiny for you :D

So let's tell you more about this EXCITING, UPLIFTING and EMPOWERING event!


People who care about people!

People who want to grow, help others do the same and wish to positively impact the working culture.

The day event is ideal for 3 types of professionals.

Type 1:

Those of you who work in an organisation (business, charity, university, school etc) with a team of people (any size) working together (culture) for a common goal (purpose).


· Wellbeing Officers / Champions

· HR, Learning & Development

· Leaders, Directors, Managers

· Business Owners, Board Members

Type 2:

Those of you who supply services (coaching, consultancy, facilitation & therapies, etc) to organisations and/or leaders & teams.

Due to your work, you influence people within an organisation in any some way, be that connected to practical matters & business or physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


· Executive & Business Coaches

· Emotional & Spiritual Coaches

· Trainers – Physical or Mental

· Therapists / Practitioners

· Facilitators

· Consultants

Type 3:

Professionals who are curious and wish to develop their levels of Personal Leadership, SQ & EQ.

For the Evening & Overnight Experience:

If you would like to stay and join us for this extension to the day, you are very welcome.

We have a LIMITED number of lovely rooms available.

Full details of the evening are to be confirmed but this is geared towards an even more spiritual experience along with fun, laughter, relaxation, good food and more connections.

This evening experience for you is if you want to have fun and are open and curious to find out even more about the spiritual side of life and connect more closely with a smaller group of like-minded individuals.

Links for more details and to book below.

Good Vibes, Amanda G


VIDEO LINKS: www.amandagreencoaching/theawakening


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