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Self-Worth, Truth & Money Energy!

Don’t you just love a synchronicity...?

I certainly do.

I notice them a lot!

Some feel like the universe hitting you over the head with one of those giant foam pointing fingers used in the crowd at sporting events (pretty sure they had them on Gladiators #blastfromthepast) and shouting HELLO!!!!

At other times, they are more subtle, like a gentle knowing, a wink from above and they make me smile.

I never used to notice these signs, but the way I see things now has changed…errr…considerably!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, so here I am, showing up, being authentic in the hope that this might help someone, somewhere.

So, what is it that I was told by 3 people in 48 hours?!

Drum roll please……however, I could be bigging this up….a LOT lol!

It’s not something to shock, provoke or offend and it’s not clickbait!

It’s simply the truth.

And when we speak the truth (with compassion and kindness of course), not everyone will like it or connect with it, but it’s real and it completely lines us up with our most authentic connections and opportunities….and our destiny!

There is a theme around ‘truth’ at the moment, have you noticed?

Watch what happens in the next couple of weeks…..because you might see / experience this:

· Truths being revealed about people (and maybe some secrets)!

· People speaking their truth more than they ever have before

· Becoming more aligned with your own truth and your true desires and therefore changing direction in relationships, career etc

· Recognising things that you are doing that need to change. To quote Ross Geller ‘PIVOT’ would be appropriate! :D

It’s all about truth!

So here’s what I was told, 3 times in 48 hours……my fees are too low; I don’t charge enough for my services!

Why am I sharing this story?

A few reasons, well, four to be specific!

1) Because I am so passionate about self-worth and this has been a huge part of my personal story, learning and transformation.

2) I have had an interesting relationship with money (many people do because it’s related to our belief system) and found the solution is viewing money as energy and evaluating the relationship we have with it, just like any other, to improve it!

3) Because it might help someone else.

4) Because it’s good to remember that we all need coaching and support to learn & grow, it’s one of the best investments we can make in ourselves. All good coaches have coaches, I have several people who help me and open to more!

Now I am referring to self-worth in terms of money for this particular blog, but there are many other ways people can have this tested, for example overworking in an employed position, not valuing themselves in romantic relationships or friendships etc!

Earning money is a funny thing, in my personal experience over time, I have regularly earned large amounts (large salaries and significant commission as well as successful runs in self-employment) and I have also been skint and in debt.

There are times when I have been so good with money and it has flowed in and times when it has run through my fingers like sand and felt like I was chasing a feather in a hurricane!

One thing is certain, I have learned so much about my relationship with it and the story and beliefs behind it.

Like most things in life, those discoveries have been in the most challenging times. That’s where we grow #strechzone!

So…back to the original point, I have been told by 3 people that I really should increase my fees.

I really respect my clients, in fact, truth be told, I truly love ‘em!

The first in the trio of clients to deliver this message to me, is a very experienced and well-respected coach and business owner and all round fabulous being!

After a session, they told me that I should be charging WAY more for my coaching services because of the value I provide.

I tell you, I nearly cried!

It fills my heart with joy when people get so much value from my service and I respect this person enormously.

It’s a huge driver for me to receive that kind of feedback.

This kind of advice only comes from people who have high self-worth and value their own skills and services.

They explained to me, that people are not just paying for my time but also for my experience….and of late, that experience became pretty radical!

The penny dropped….it’s taken me years, a lot of money and a lot of challenge (and pain because of my personal transformation) to get to this point!

I also invest a great deal of time meditating and taking care of my energy to be in the best state for people because of the type of spiritual work I do.

This is why we need feedback!

Particularly when it comes from people you trust, those who are sincere, genuine and with no agenda, because they can see things we can’t recognise for ourselves.

In fact, that’s one of the things I love about coaching, you get to genuinely reflect back to people the beautiful and amazing things that they can’t always see about themselves.

One of my challenges is charging the right amount for my services and valuing myself as well as having a deep desire to help people who genuinely can’t afford my services.

But there is a compromise!! I am upping my premium 121 service to reflect the value and my time AND I will be offering some FREE opportunities in different ways…watch this space!

I am so grateful to the people who gave me this message.

The other two are also incredible coaches and teachers who are here to change the world.

It was time to really value myself, my time, my energy and what I offer….and even more than that…to value what it has taken me to get to this point with my unique service!

Now there is a story here…because the service I offer now is not what I offered even just 6 months ago!

It has changed radically, and my skill level and ability has increased significantly and rapidly.

Now that has been one hec of a journey and the hardest thing I have ever been through in my life!

That part is another story…and some day it will likely be a book! There’s so much to tell, it boggles my brain.

I have worked with so many professionals, senior managers and business owners already, this work is happening and changing people’s lives, but much of it has been done in the background with my corporate hat on.

But in short, let me give you a heads up because I am slowly stepping out of the spiritual closet with this work!

I have transformed my belief system due to experiencing a spiritual awakening (for want of a better description) & transitioned from being an Emotional Health Coach to a Transformation Coach and Spiritual Guide…..with psychic abilities!

This was not what I expected!

I was a sceptic!

I am however very grateful and I am also owning it, because it is my truth!

I must, it’s who I am and what I came here to do (and I did fight this for some time out of a tremendous amount of fear)!

So these days, if a client wishes me to (they usually do!) I meditate prior to a session and access all kinds of information which explains a great deal to people and can make sense of things in a way that ‘the obvious’ does not.

I can read information in people’s psychic field from their subconscious, unconscious and conscious levels.

What sort of stuff?

· Fears, emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, why they are the way they are, how to heal

· Desires, talents, purpose and what they are to move towards

· Messages from their guides and messages of love from source / divine intelligence

· Spirit animals

· Past lives – which explains a huge amount about who we really are and makes sense of many things

Some of this I can bring up instantly but for the most part, I must relax the ego part of my mind and access another level……which I call ‘the love from above’ :D

It is rather fascinating I have to say, and it resonates with my clients immensely.

Sometimes it is so beautiful, it makes me cry happy tears.

Sometimes it is so mind blowing that it can instantly empower someone to change their life!

Frequently people will be able to see things in a completely different way that changes their perspective in a profound way.

Other times, the client will need to do more work and keep going because they are destined to reach greater heights or simply because they enjoy this level of development.

The experience itself is very healing.

It is frequently profound and uplifting, it can be emotional, and I am always told that it is enjoyed immensely.

It awakens my clients to the truth of who they are and provides peace, clarity, reassurance, knowing, wisdom, love and more.

I am often given past life experiences for people as these explain a lot about why we have certain patterns with relationships, money, our body, our work, our beliefs etc.

I never know exactly what I will receive, but I know it will be exactly what is needed for that person’s highest growth and good at the time and it is provided with love and respect.

So….it’s quite challenging to put a price on that!!

Especially when you don’t have a lot to benchmark it against because I am a unique combination of that lot…and an experienced and qualified coach!

I also have a business background and facilitate and deliver leadership programmes, workshops and more, I have a foot in both camps so to speak! This world and beyond!

Despite having psychic ability and intuition, I am also (and always have been) very left brain orientated, so I also needed to ‘see the evidence’ and experience the results and feedback from conducting this very new kind of session.

I had to evaluate it from a practical perspective.

This is very different to analysing coaching sessions that are business focused for example because it’s much less tangible.

Although my clients do go on to positively influence their business and / or life after working with me, it’s not quite as straight forward to review.

So, I needed that feedback and I am so grateful.

It’s time to step up and recognise that value.

If you are feeling challenged by charging for your services, there are many things to consider including how many hours you work and what you would be paid for if you were salaried.

We all have the right to earn money, to provide for ourselves and our family and I happily pay other people and businesses full price for their services, so I must respect my work and myself in the same way.

We can fritter away money on so much these days! So investing in ourselves is the critical factor that changes everything!

It’s about what we are willing to prioritise and finally, I am willing to prioritise myself because I know that is going to have a massive positive impact on the people I work with!

I also feel really good about having more space and time to provide a high-quality service for my clients and sometimes it takes a price increase to be able to do that.

I used to be the frantic businessperson with a heaving inbox (that sounds a bit dodgy lol!) hopping from one meeting to another, feeling important because I was so ‘busy’ then numbing out to calm my system down.

I don’t live like that anymore. We don’t have to! We actually are the creators of our own reality, and it has taken me a long time to learn this!

But now that I know several of my past lives… was a lesson I was always destined to learn! ;)

One thing I know for sure is that when we value ourselves, we give so much more to others.

Self-worth and money (i.e abundance!) are very closely correlated!

Often the fear of a price increase is that we will lose clients.

I have had several increases from when I first started and I can confirm that I have lost a few, that does happen.

BUT it’s OK, because there are more than enough potential clients out there who will be happy to work with you.

Plus, there are plenty of other providers of services with different price points that could be a perfect match for your previous clients.

There really is enough for everyone, so everybody wins!

Believing that there is ‘not enough’ is a lack mentality and inner game.

I am choosing to bring all the love and abundance I can to my business, not fear or lack.

People can even see a coach in training for free! You don’t need to feel bad about letting anyone down.

I did hundreds of free sessions when I was learning and going through my coaching qualification (that I paid thousands of pounds for and that was just the beginning of the investments I made in myself to get to this point).

I have learned a lot about karma, the soul, incarnations, and our learning journey through my spiritual growth and I have received teachings (in the form of psychic downloads and messages) about how we each come to ‘earth school’ to learn about a variety of things.

Some people have chosen to work on their relationship with their self-worth in this lifetime and that can translate in one form as their relationship with finances.

Let me share what I have learned about Money (as one form of abundance)!

· It is energy! It is neutral.

· Earning it is not based purely on how much we give or how hard we work (unless that is your belief system) because energy must flow…which means we also need to be able to receive.

· Not being able to receive is connected with a block to the heart (my speciality is unlocking this, whether it’s money, love, support, advice, rest, feedback, loyalty, commitment, compliments….or anything else, it’s all the same blockage)!

· Our beliefs about money come from many places, typically our personal experience, childhood experience, family and ancestors…and yes, our past lives, 100%!!

· It is in observing our relationship with money that is key, because money doesn’t mean anything other than the meaning we give it and how we feel about it.

Asking yourself how you feel when you have money and how you feel when you don’t will provide some clues here as to how you are attached to it and whether you are operating in an energy of love and abundance or fear and lack.

· If you complain about something or you fear it, then this is the opposite of loving it. If your money was your romantic partner…would it want to stick around?!?!

· Poverty consciousness can be a deeply entrenched reality for people. When we feel we don’t have enough (of anything…time, space, money, love) it reflects a lack / scarcity mindset.

· When we have gratitude and appreciation for something or someone, it changes everything! That brings abundance! It’s like a magnet!

· We frequently limit the ways that we think we can attract money by staying stuck in what is happening now, rather than envisioning what could be possible.

· How we feel about money is massive! We literally project our emotions onto something that is neutral (i.e our opinions about people who are wealthy).

· Your personal currency and power is YOU! Your gifts, your talents and how you are prepared to use it. Empower yourself and thus you empower your bank account.

· How we speak about money - the word choices, the phrases we use, the tone of our voice is all vibration! It is either a high vibration or a low one.

Our words reveal our beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves.

Our word is also our wand! We can either speak our greatest desires into being…or kill them with sour notes. What we say becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

There’s probably a lot more, but that will do for now!

I hope it has been helpful or thought-provoking.

Perhaps this has prompted you to recognise your worth and value and explore your relationship with money or more.

I would love to know what resonates, please comment and share.

Please value yourself and find other people to help you if you need to see the truth. It’s a beautiful thing.

Good Vibes, Amanda

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