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My Little Story

Felt compelled to share my little story. I hope it might speak to some of you.

Earlier this year, I focused on one word: ENERGY & I went with it, I studied & experienced everything I found on my path that felt connected to this idea. I got creative, I followed & trusted my inner guidance system even when I wasn't sure what the outcome would be.

A rolling stone gathered moss...but mostly momentum, joy, gratitude, curiosity, love, enthusiasm, zest, learning & purpose. I blended energy, my coaching, the law of vibration, psychotherapy, positive psychology, neurology & spirituality. I called it Emotional Health's ME! It's what I do!

In September I took one giant leap for aMANdaKIND (see what I did there?!) & left my wonderful workplace, my well paid job, an extended 3 year contract & some of the best colleagues I could wish follow my dream & to do the work I was finally ready to do.

All my personal experiences so far have prepared me for this time. I am grateful for the most challenging times of my life and the anxiety it caused because it has taught me so much about myself, my body, my mind, my boundaries, my inner strength and how energy weaves it's magic throughout.

I followed my heart (despite the background tapes playing in my mind). I trusted my intuition (even when it didn't make complete sense to my brain..... or my husband)!

I got brave & did the things that scared me the most (still doing, even writing this post)!

I did more of the work that feels completely natural to me, even when it's challenging, I know it's my purpose & my duty to do it right. I managed my emotions & my state of mind (because it's always about how we perceive, respond, react)!

I say this in the past tense but it's ongoing obviously! We are all working progress.

I want to share how blinkin blessed I feel with the genuine & heartfelt feedback I am receiving from people who have attended my workshops and 121 Coaching Sessions. That's an energy in itself.  

This isn't a sales tactic, it's not a pitch to say 'look at me' it just comes from the heart in the hope that perhaps it might help others to aim high & trust. I am so very glad and grateful that I did. Trust that what you are doing now is where you need to be, either because it's right or it's somehow preparing you or providing you with a platform for change (especially if it's uncomfortable)!

Trust if you feel you need to change path, if you have an inner yearning to do something different, if you continue to have the same niggle presented to you, listen to your body, tune into that frequency. It might not make sense, but at least start to explore. It might not be easy but you cannot underestimate the utter joy & aliveness that comes from following your purpose.

Shout out to everyone who is following their path despite not having the guaranteed income or outcome! Shout out to everyone who steps up, speaks up, shares, tries something different, encourages others, performs random acts of kindness & is invested in spreading positivity & good vibes..because you are building a cathedral!

You are all an inspiration!

If you are wondering what the hec I am banging on about re the cathedral, check this out:

Follow your dreams and your energy flow, Amanda

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