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Mrs Green loses a stone & Mr Green loses his appendix!

Ooh it's been busy with family, supporting clients with their transformation & keeping up my own!

I have lots buzzing round my head to share because it's been an exhilirating start to 2020 with lots of learning BUT until I make time to do a newsletter, I will focus on something personal.

Mr Green unexpectedly had his appendix (apparently a spare part, a 4 inch long tube that dangles off the colon!) removed last weekend.

It was worrying & has been slightly hectic but I feel even more grateful for my family & the absolutely privilege of my good health. I felt sad for the people I saw in the hospital who were suffering & also massively appreciative of the dedicated busy staff who work there (Lancaster RLI; you rock)!

I am more convinced of the personal power we have over our health through understanding our energy (mind, body, spirit) & how we choose to fuel it. From the frequency of our thoughts & emotions to our understanding, perception & response to stress and anxiety to what we physically do with our body & how we nourish it.

This brings me to my personal journey with food. There is no quick win when it comes to transformation. There was definitely no quick win to transform my relationship with food on a permanent basis.

I know because I have tried most of them! I was the first one to have my hands up for a ‘quick win’ in most areas of life in the past. "Yes please, pass that sh!t over."

It's no wonder the topic is challenging & confusing. There has been so much conflicting information presented over the decades (& I have lived through 4 of them). Plus we are bombarded with overly processed, mass manufactured food winking at us on the shelves of….everywhere we go basically!

My changes came when I started working on emotional eating, the mind/body connection, understanding addictions, cravings, habits & how to break these long-term. I did the work underneath, the beliefs, associations, self-worth & willpower etc & found interesting connections & patterns.

I’ve found out what I really should be eating to provide maximum energy & nourishment to my body & mind as well as enjoying balance.

The body is our one-off vessel for our journey in this lifetime. I hammered mine for years!

Now I choose to nourish, respect & be grateful for it.

There has been much transformation that has occurred in my thinking & the way I feel.

I am sure my organs & insides must look radically different & that I can hear them quietly whispering "thanks for not trying to kill us anymore, we are your friends!"

External results are that I am 1 stone down since November. Still on my journey & proud to help others on theirs.

Good Vibes as aways, change is possible, Amanda G

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