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Impostor Syndrome, Courage, Gratitude & Truth.

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

What an honour to be a Finalist for the EVA Awards Training & Coaching category!

Regardless of what happens, this process provides an opportunity for reflection.

In the spirit of sharing honestly and openly, here’s my truth.

Last year I was grateful to be nominated, but I wasn’t ready to accept.

If you have read my recent ‘coming out’ blog :D then you will have a good idea why!

Impostor syndrome has been a significant part of my journey & I wanted the perfect solution i.e. for it to bog off (censored version)!

But along the way, I learned to come to terms with progress rather than the illusory lure of perfection.

I also learned that confidence is apparently not a guarantee in my world, but one factor I had undervalued all this time was my courage.

I often don't have the feeling of confidence, but I am finally owning the fact that I have courage & strength of heart.

The reality is that I freak myself out & exhilarate myself in equal measure!

So today I have my interview with the judges (please wish me luck, I am always grateful)!

So how do I feel's a mixture, us humans are quite complex!

· Nervous excitement! I have never had this experience before!

· I do NOT have impostor syndrome about this (last year I would have had)! As someone who has struggled to give myself credit, that is a brilliant reflection point to be at.

· I am grateful, because I have done the hardest work of my life, faced the good, the bad & the ugly within myself. I have personally been through / going through a deep level of transformation where my beliefs & everything I thought I knew about myself have been rocked to the core! My talents are hard earned, I can own that.

· Blessed to be nominated by a client & up for an award for my passion, for the work I do to empower others to navigate their own change / journey.

· Absolutely knackered! :D Along with personal transformation, I am going through the menopause, it ain’t easy! I haven’t slept well for a long time incl. last night! I will just have to do my best. This too shall pass.

· I am enough. Full stop! The end!

Whatever happens, I love myself, I love my work & I love my clients.

I have a beautiful & most importantly, mutually loving support network (you all know who you are & I wouldn't be here without you!) & so, what more could I ask for?

Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated & your personal reflection points.

Be you, truly, madly, deeply, Amanda G x

P.S Most of all, I look forward to partying like it’s 1999 on the night! :D

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