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Dear Anxiety, Thank you...

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

My journey began with anxiety and learning to understand what was beneath it.

I was a former sceptic of spirituality….so a lot has changed for me!

Knowing how to understand and manage my emotional landscape has in fact been life changing.

So today, I felt inspired to write a letter of thanks to anxiety, as for me personally, it has been one of my greatest teachers and I also know the immense power of gratitude.

Dear Anxiety,

With gratitude, thank you…….

For inviting me to change the way I was living and connect to something bigger.

For showing me what could no longer be tolerated in my life.

For reminding me to take a breath and reduce the stress hormones flooding my system.

For leading me on the path to learning about the deeper reality of why you were there.

For encouraging me to be truthful and honest with myself and find the courage to do so.

For being the alarm bell in my system to let me know when there is something to pay attention to and to slow down.

For signalling when I had attracted someone or something into my life who was there to reflect a message back to me.

For helping me to trust, that even with your presence, I can still know my truth and not be held back.

For being the indicator that I am overly attached to my thoughts and intellectual mind.

For connecting me to my shadow and the rejected parts of me that I needed to embrace.

For alerting me to my emotional triggers so that I could release the old story.

For helping me to be with you and to allow you to move through my body as you take the dead wood away.

For being a catalyst for a journey of self-discovery and understanding.

For each time you appear, like a familiar friend, simply asking me to ‘let go’ a little more.

For connecting me to search for my soul so that I could heal my wounded ego.

For loosening your grip on my life as I learned from the spiritual lessons provided.

For showing me how much you melt away as I connect with my true self and source.

For wanting to keep me safe.

For instigating the need to change and evolve.

For the path you have set me on.

With loving thanks,

Amanda Green x

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