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Being Me

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

My daughters teach me life lessons all the time. When I ask my eldest what she is doing, a typical response is "Being Me." Yes please always be you my darling girl and thank you for reminding me to be me.

Sometimes I am funny (humour is one of my core values, nothing is more enjoyable to me than a big belly laugh, preferably where tears are involved and an aching jaw and sides)! And yes, I do laugh at my own jokes as well as other peoples, why the hell not! I don’t discriminate on the source of that good vibration.

Sometimes, I am serious….I can be very deep and serious! I work with emotions, that tends to brings up all kinds of sh!t, whether that’s my own or other peoples…and I LOVE IT! Because I love the change and I know that it often comes from a pain point (or twenty)!

I have learned to honour my dark side, in fact, writing this makes me realise that it’s really no surprise that I love black comedy, it’s real.

Transformation hurts at times but it is still a beautiful thing and we can laugh and cry our way through it. The caterpillar doesn’t evolve into a butterfly without turning into a gloopy mess in the transition. It’s part of the process and wouldn’t it be wonderful if we weren’t in such a hurry to stick a plaster over the hurt, to avoid the discomfort of this stage, when there is so much to learn from it…it gives us wings.

All of the time whether I am laughing, being serious or being that weird (this is a compliment to me, I love this word!) combination of both, I want to show up as ME!

To be honest, authentic and REAL in the moment and TRUE to myself.

My ideas, thoughts and beliefs change as I learn, evolve and experience more of life, because I try to stay outrageously open these days. I have had to work on this a lot! I used to be VERY closed…shut tight like some of those annoying pistachio shells in your nut selection.

I am entering the idea of being more fully myself regardless of the perceived consequences, letting some of my insecurities melt away and being OK with the anxiety that lingers because I know it is teaching me further lessons.

I am becoming OK with who I really am these days which has changed SO much in some ways and not at all in others. It’s been a real journey for me and one that only I will really truly understand and that’s OK too, I don’t expect you to understand me, god knows it has taken me long enough to get there and it’s a journey!!!!

When we are real, our vibration is real and we will resonate with certain people, certain opportunities and our path. When we lose ourselves, when we change ourselves to fit in, when we compromise our values, when we say yes when we really mean no, we are a different vibration and will attract very different people and situations.

We are not losing anything that matters by being true to ourselves. What is meant to come will come and what is meant to go will go.

So I guess this blog is one of my more deep and serious ones. If you prefer a laugh, check out my last article/blog called ‘Running Commentary.’

"To climb steep hills,

Requires slow pace at first."

William Shakespeare

I like this quote because some things (especially when it comes to working on the relationship with ourselves or any emotional attachments) take time.

There can be no rushing the process or we can miss the point completely. The journey IS the point, not the destination.

In the dizziness of our fast paced world bulging with social expectations, laden with labels and saturated with the mass marketing of extrinsic ideas about who and how we should be, look, feel and eat (or utter BS as I like to call it!!).....slowing down and looking within can be a huge challenge and counter intuitive.

We have been taught that faster is better. We have been trained to look outwards for our answers to anxiety, emotional healing, reassurance, validation, love. For many, self-medication exists in the form of food, alcohol, compulsive spending, workaholism, perfectionism, meaningless sex or drugs.

When the real work begins, it takes time and patience and trust but this is where fundamental change really happens, the pace is not synonymous with the importance or the impact.

This is how we unfold, how we find what is within not what is without.

Sometimes, we have to burn down to the ground to rise from the ashes, this is transformation and I have the greatest respect for those I know who have been there.

So in a way, I guess this is some sort of shout out to all the amazing incredible people on their journey of self-discovery as well as a little bit of sharing of my soul.

You are enough, you are worthy, you are wonderful, you are a WARRIOR!

With love, from my heart to yours,

Amanda G #healthywarrior

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