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Anger has a purpose

Anger has a purpose

Like all emotions! Anger serves a purpose and brings messages to you.

On the emotional frequency scale, anger is a good step up from powerlessness. So anger can be keeping you from feeling like a victim which is a positive aspect.

Anger is also a higher energy state than depression, in fact, depression can be what comes when there is no more energy to feel angry.

Anger is what is known as a cover/hard emotion. It protects deeper emotions and feelings. This is the key to moving forward.

People who feel angry are afraid. It can be a reaction to our boundaries being violated.

Good questions to ask yourself about your anger:

"What am I really afraid of?" or "What do I feel so threatened by?"

Your emotional body is incredible, it's talking to you all the time and giving you all the answers.

You might feel angry about something obvious or you might feel angry often about very small things, all of it is coming from the subconscious, some of it recent, some of it incredibly old.

If you would like to explore your emotions and understand their meaning and purpose, you might want to consider working with me.

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