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Anger Has A Purpose

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Like all emotions, anger serves a purpose and brings messages to us.

On the emotional frequency scale, anger is a good step up from powerlessness. So anger can keep us from feeling like a victim which is a positive aspect. We can use it in a healthy way to empower ourselves.

Anger is also a higher energy state than depression, in fact, depression can be what comes when there is no more energy to feel angry.

Anger is also considered to be a cover/hard emotion. It can protect deeper emotions and feelings.

When we feel angry, it might be because we are afraid.

It can also be a reaction to our boundaries being violated (by others AND ourselves).

We can also feel angry when we realise that we have compromised ourselves or allowed ourselves to be treated unfairly or taken advantage of. This is a good sign in many ways because it is this realisation that we now have increased levels of self-worth which is why it bothers us so much. Rather than being judgemental about it, we can choose to see it as growth and learning. This acknolwedgement represents powerful change and a new level of self-respect and expectation.

Good questions to ask about anger:

"What am I really afraid of?" or "What do I feel so threatened by?"

"How can I appreciate and feel healthy anger and use this to raise my esteem and activate healthy boundaries?"

"How can I stand up for myself and for those who don't have a voice?"

"Is this a call to activate my inner warrior, activist, advocate or rebel in a healthy way that serves me and/or others?"

The emotional body is incredible, it's talking to us all the time and giving us signs. We can really hear these messages and interpret them when we are willing to be present with ourselves unconditionally.

Emotions are the keys to unlocking our greatest potential for transformation and to turn lead into gold #alchemy

Good Vibes, Amanda G 07789911174

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