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4 Corners of Health

To be healthy, feel wholesome and integrated is something to aim for.

To coin a phrase / cliché that also happens to be true, it’s a journey.

In the Western world, we have focused more in recent years on physical health and mental health.

We are learning how to take care of the body and the mind.

There are a lot of options available to help us with this.

We recognised that the body and mind are interconnected.

There is a wealth of research to demonstrate this now in a myriad of incredible ways.

We are also learning more about the vital importance of emotional and spiritual health.

Pioneering work is happening to support the deeper understanding that there is a link between our emotions (supressed or realised) and physical ailments, conditions and diseases.

I would say that emotions are the most powerful drivers in our consciousness.

They subconsciously impact most of our behaviours and decisions.

If you have ever tried ‘thinking positively’ when you are in the experience of feeling a strong emotion (let’s say forms of fear such as anger, sadness, rage, jealousy or feelings of depression, anxiety etc) forget it! Emotions are THAT powerful.

Emotions require much different practices to resolve or heal completely. Ones that we generally have not been equipped with generationally as yet.

In terms of spiritual health, this is not quite the same as having a religion although that is a form of spirituality, and it is connected.

But rather understanding and embodying the concept that we are more than our thoughts and feelings.

We are more than our circumstances, our environment and our conditioning.

We are consciousness.

We know this, because when we step back and into this spiritual power, there is a part of us that we can access to observe and witness all of the above.

It is the foundation to help with all the other elements.

When we are over identified with our physicality, stuck in our thoughts, supressing our emotions or a slave to our addictions / sedatives / distractions, we are in denial of our spiritual connection.

If you think about spiritual practices which are growing in popularity such as yoga, mindfulness, thai chi, forest bathing, meditation, intuitive exercises etc.

Many of which are ancient art forms focused on presence.

Being present.

It is the simplest and probably the hardest thing for us to do in this society.

Most of what we are looking for, is already within us.

Good health starts within.

My specialisms are in Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence.

If you would like to go deeper with this work, you are very welcome to get in touch.

I am taking on new clients from the end of August onwards.

Join us for an insightful, empowering and uplifting day at ‘The Awakening’ focused on these areas of life and business.

Link to book in the comments.

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