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Your Vibration Matters

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

What is Your Vibration?!

As Albert Einstein said "Everything is Energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

Our bodies are a vibrating mass of energy. What makes up that overall vibration?

It's our energetic state that is impacted by our internal chemistry & powered by our thoughts, feelings & beliefs. Every thought carries a frequency, as does each emotion & what we carry contributes to our overall vibration.

We know that we can feel our own energy as well as other peoples. It might be the collective energy feeling in a room full of people (the easiest example is a concert) or that feeling when you walk into the room & you instantly know there has been some conflict. You might feel a certain type of energy from one person or the dynamic between two people.

We can feel energy. Sometimes we feel uplifted by peoples energy & there are other situations when we might feel drained by someone's energy.

Our personal vibration impacts our lives & all our relationships.

Examples of low frequency emotions that people can carry (sometimes they are not conscious of them) would be anger, fear, blame, shame, resentment & guilt.

High frequency emotions are the likes of gratitude, love, peace, joy, acceptance, enlightenment, courage.

Our overall vibration is made up of all of these frequencies as well as blueprints that we developed in our belief system from childhood & beyond.

We can raise our vibration by shifting the low frequency emotions (this work is best done on 121) & by becoming aware of & increasing the higher frequency emotions (this is done in my 'Raise Your Vibration' workshop or 121).

Our thoughts, feelings & beliefs power our internal chemistry & this sits energetically in the cells of our body. Our subconscious mind does not discriminate, it will receive whatever messages we provide it.

When our vibration is low, it can create malfunctioning cells or dis-ease. There is no disconnect between our mind & the body, we are one system & must look after it all. It is said that stress is responsible for an extaordinary amount of illness.

There are so many ways you can raise your vibration. Some of it you can do on your own, some of it you will need to work with a coach to achieve.


It shifts our mindset which changes our internal chemistry

It keeps us well. When we think better, we feel better

When we work on our vibration, we can create a life to love

Energy moves in a circular pattern so what we put out will come back to us

Like attracts like. It will help us achieve in life & be fulfilled

It provides inner peace & helps us to connect to our internal truth

It increases resilience & makes us better at handling lifes range of experiences

We understand that our most important relationship is with ourselves & this impacts all other relationships

It isn't a luxury concept! It's actually critical to emotional health & to take time out for this is essential. The power of raising your vibration cannot be underestimated. Working on yourself in this metacognitive way can create wonderful shifts, it's not always something that you can see as tangible but over time you can see some quite remarkable changes.

When your energy changes, so do the energies around you, people may respond differently, other opportunities present themselves & you can create this magic simply by working on you.

Your body & mind is a precious vehicle that supports you through your entire life.

It is your choice how you travel but take some time to invest in getting this stuff right.

There are so many ways to raise your vibration! You can find many examples in my Positive Energy Programme journal.

For now, let me touch on some of the areas we cover in the 'Raise Your Vibration' Workshop day. It’s a great environment for sharing as you feel comfortable & is brilliant to work in a small like minded group.

As the Prodigy once sang, 'Breathe with me!'

We have a quick breathing exercise to connect mind & body & get you into a relaxed state. This is a technique you can use at any point in your world to bring a sense of calm, whenever you feel stressed or anger rising or just out of alignment. Simple techniques like this can raise your vibration in a matter of minutes.

Managing Emotions

This is critical to raising your vibration! Being able to understand & manage emotions is a navigational tool for life. Emotions give us clues, they show up to inform us of the changes that can enhance our life.

Abundance Mindset v Lack/Scarcity Thinking

We look at the difference between these mindsets & how they drive people to behave & communicate. These ideas will generate very different outcomes in life for us because they are based around belief systems around the idea of about whether there is ‘enough’. We look at which areas in our life we adopt these ideas.


What you believe is embedded as your subconscious blueprint. You will be acting & communicating in certain ways without realising that these ideas are wired into you, often from a very young age.

Beliefs can also stem from thoughts that have been repeated regularly enough to become embedded into the subconscious. We look at beliefs & practice a simple but effective strategy for changing a limiting belief into one that can help us.

We have so many beliefs that no longer serve us. We may have inherited them as children or developed them at various points of our lives. Some of them are keeping us from experiencing the life, the health, the wealth, the love that we really want.

Character Strengths of Happiness

We take a look at the 5 main areas that crop up repeatedly in positive psychology research as the keys to a fulfilled & joyful life.

Gratitude Practice

We look in depth at my revamped daily gratitude practice that you can use to fully appreciate the experiences of the day, to use it as a blueprint for the next & to extend into next level thinking. Gratitude is the natural anti-depressant.

This activity includes an appreciation for the challenges in life because that’s all part of our personal growth, future perfect thinking & using your mind energy to create something better because you have to get into a different vibration to attract what you don’t yet have.

Creating Your Personal Vision

We look at intrinsic journey-based motivation & what you actually want your future days, weeks, life to look like. It is wonderful & insightful to have the space to do this. Then we look at how to bring that vision into the day to day with new behaviour & thoughts.

I would love for you to join us on the final Raise Your Vibration workshop for 2019 on Sat 9th November in Garstang, Lancashire.

We have a few places left available & you can book them here:

Keep your vibration high! Amanda :)

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