Succeeding in a high pressure, people based, competitive and service led industry can be challenging enough. When you have a position in middle management within this business, you face the additional demands of following instructions from above and rolling out whatever strategies are being put in place (often not by you) as well as leading a team to greatness and hitting sales targets. 


The workload, responsibility and the expectations from above, below and sideways can be overwhelming and it is easy to lose perspective (possibly your marbles!) as well as your work life balance. Often with little decision making power and in some cases a lack of understanding about your role from Director level or above, it can be a frustrating position.

There is a lot to consider in order to thrive in this role, your own personal and professional development for starters. The training, mentoring and development companies provide for middle managers can vary hugely. Coaching can help you identify what you need, how you can get it and of course coaching in itself is one of the best forms of personal development.

Time management, prioritising and finding the right channels for positive communication are just a few of the areas for middle managers to have in order. As the manager, you lead meetings, hold 121's and create the culture and spirit within the team as well as helping others to develop, perform to their best levels, contribute and build positive relationships. You will also manage change, reviews and be involved with HR as well as clients and stakeholders. The list goes on! 

As a specialist in stress management coaching for middle managers in recruitment,  I can help you reach a calm and confident state, find the right balance and achieve your goals.   


Amanda Green

Emotional Health Coach




Feel balanced, energised & self-assured

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