Healthy Warrior

Energy Coaching

 This coaching experience is for the people who want to discover or strengthen their personal power & become a Healthy Warrior.

What is a Healthy Warrior?

Someone who has a strong vibration of Personal Power; a developed sense of self-worth, inner strength & willpower & who makes their life choices from this energy.

Lionheart energy is focused on courage & authentic expression, heart centred living & leadership.

What does the journey to a new vibration of Personal Power look like?

* Releasing old patterns, stories, bad habits/addictions, relationships, unhelpful beliefs & anything ingrained from the past & present that no longer serves you

* Working on inner strength, inner peace & developing trust & faith in life, yourself & the universe

* Energy levels (your personal vibration & the dynamics)

* Self-Worth & Self-Care

* Choosing courage & developing confidence

* The frequency of your thoughts, beliefs, actions, communication & behaviour - effective mind energy

* Tapping into your purpose, acknowledging your unique blend of talents & allowing yourself to shine

* Strengthening willpower to resist temptation for short term gain

* Creating your abundant future, to live wholeheartedly in the present whilst elevating into the energetic vibration of your dreams

What does my support entail?

A 121 coaching experience of 6 x face to face up to 90 minute sessions (fortnightly or monthly) with supporting materials focusing on the above mentioned in a structured & measured way. Email contact in between as required.


We will be working on the inner game on a spiritual & highly practical level to enhance your life experience. There will be daily exercises & actions agreed to take in between sessions & you will be held accountable.


Who is it for?

This experience is for people who are ready to make significant shifts, you don't need to know how, just that you have a burning desire to make some change. It is for people who are committed to doing the work.


If you are running at full pelt & feel concerned about making regular daily space to commit to the work required for this experience, then I would recommend my Emotional Health Coaching which covers all of these aspects but in a less structured & more organic way at your pace/ as & when.

If you have already done some work with me & you are ready for the next level, this is it!

If you haven't worked with me before & you are tempted by this, you are welcome to call me for an informal chat or to book a 121 coaching session that will provide great benefit & help you decide how you want to progress.

What is the investment?

Skype / Zoom or My Lancaster office: £420.

Your office within 60 mile radius of Lancaster: £720.

Whatever happens, may your life choices be fuelled by lionheart energy! Amanda


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Amanda Green

Emotional Health Coach



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