Deep within the core and solar plexus chakra lies a sleeping lion; your 'Healthy Warrior'.


Carefully dancing around so as not to stir the sleeping lion, is the people pleasing 'Servant', seeker of external validation, detached from your full authentic voice. Harmony is a wonderful thing but not at the expense of our truest expression, inner alignment and happiness.


In our centre of personal power, self-worth, core essence and energy, the sleeping lion begins to wake by the fire. The time has come to shine, to choose courage, to speak from the heart and reclaim your power. With vulnerability comes greater strength.


The Healthy Warrior develops trust, an inner knowing, true leadership and an ability to direct energy for the most creative and positive outcomes. The jungle drums are calling for you to step up, out of the shadows.


Your personal power comes from the fire within, burning with love and pure lionheart energy.



What is a Healthy Warrior?

Someone who has a strong vibration of Personal Power; a developed sense of self-worth, inner strength & willpower & who makes choices & takes action from this energy.

Lionheart energy is focused on courage & authentic expression, heart centred living & staying true to yourself.

What does the journey to a new vibration of Personal Power look like?

* Releasing old patterns, stories, perfectionism, workaholism, over spending,  habits/dependencies, relationships, unhelpful beliefs & anything ingrained from the past that no longer serves you, create boundaries

* Working on inner strength, inner peace & developing trust & faith in life, yourself & the universe

* Energy levels (your personal vibration & the dynamics)

* Self-Worth & Self-Care

* Choosing courage & developing confidence

* Thought mastery: beliefs, actions, communication & behaviour - effective use of mind energy

* Tapping into your purpose, acknowledging your unique blend of talents & allowing yourself to shine

* Strengthening willpower to resist temptation for long term benefit #warriormindset

* Connecting with your intuition, staying true to yourself, being real and being OK with that

What does my support entail?

A 121 coaching experience of 60 - 90 minute sessions (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) with supporting materials focusing on the above mentioned in a structured & measured way. Email contact in between as required.


We will be working on the inner game on a spiritual & highly practical level to enhance your life experience. There will be daily exercises & actions agreed to take in between sessions & you will be held accountable.


Who is it for?

This experience is for people who are ready to make significant shifts.  You don't need to know how, just that you have a burning desire to make some change. It is for people who are committed to doing the work.


You may have reached a point in life where you want something different, something more, a better way to be. Maybe you are tired of the old ways, perhaps something in your life is telling you that it is time to change, maybe you have a knowing that there is more for you, that you could be more in tune with yourself but you just don't know how to go about it.

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Amanda Green

Emotional Health Coach



Feel balanced, energised & self-assured

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