Financial Coaching 

Our habits and beliefs towards money can hold us back from achieving our earning potential, they can make us feel trapped and can stop us enjoying our life.


Whether you are making the transition from being employed to self-employed, feeling pressured to get results, trapped by a job/industry that pays well or limited by a low paying job, coaching can help. 

Understanding your relationship with money is the starting point to making positive change to your current and future financial situation. 

Our beliefs around money and the emotion we connect to it (your money mindset) can prevent us from ever earning a substantial amount or enable us to achieve financial abundance.


With my coaching sessions, you will uncover what could be blocking you from being able to reach your financial goals.

Financial goals are a journey. You don't have to wait to reach the end goal before you can enjoy your life.

Contact Amanda Green on or 07789911174 for a free consultation. 


Amanda Green

Emotional Health Coach



Feel balanced, energised & self-assured

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