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I am Amanda Green, I lOVE my work as an Emotional Health Coach and I really BELIEVE in the power of people and the potential for change and transformation.


I am dedicated to discovery and self-development through understanding our emotions and energy.

My motivation for this work came from my personal experience of working through the challenges and pain of anxiety and feeling a deep desire to help other people who were struggling.


My work and expertise have evolved into a focus on strengthening SELF-WORTH because I find it hides beneath many of our emotions. Let's release what no longer serves us (anything from low frequency emotions such as blame, perfectionism, workaholism, over spending, negative thinking patterns, limiting beliefs and emotional dependencies such as detrimental eating habits) and reclaim our PERSONAL POWER!

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world and that when we change the energy, we can change the game! We can improve relationships, our opportunities, success and happiness, all from taking the messages from our emotions and working within.

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