Emotional Eating

What is Emotional Eating?

It's simply the use of food (or drink) in a reaction to our emotions. It's actually perfectly normal & it isn't a problem on balance.  We often celebrate with food, such as cake for special occasions or with festive treats that we associate with particular seasons or traditions.  We can also use food to comfort & nourish ourselves and that could be in the form of a wholesome, healthy stew on a cold autumn day for example.

It’s perfectly natural to do these things & it isn’t a problem...............until it's a problem!


How do we recognise when our relationship with food is out of alignment?


We can feel out of control.

We know our choices are unhealthy but feel helpless to change it.

We realise that we are feeding ourselves in order to avoid or to suppress/numb uncomfortable

feelings, to cope with stress or overwhelm.

We believe that eating is a way to show kindness to ourselves.

Food becomes our 'reward' or 'commiseration' or both.

When we feed ourselves with little regard for how this food nurtures our mental & physical health.


When food consumes our thoughts & mind energy.

When food becomes self-medication, punishment or to replace feelings of emptiness or loneliness.

Working with me:

My aim is to help you develop a healthy relationship with food (& ultimately yourself) for the long-term. To reduce cravings, change habits & regain control & increase healthy #bodymindspirit.

It does not involve counting calories or di ets.

I have successfully changed my relationship with food & alcohol, reduced my weight significantly & found much greater peace. I now love having the privilege of supporting others through their journey.


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