Law Of Attraction

5 Week Course

                                                  Spiritual - Practical - Transformational


This course is a deep dive into the spiritual concept of the Law of Attraction with practical techniques so that you can weave it into your every day life for greater peace and success.


It doesn't matter what you want to attract, it is all about energy so this course will work for you on all levels if you apply the learnings and are prepared to be outrageously open-minded (coming from a former sceptic, it's possible :D)!


I love this subject as all my work is around emotional energy and what lies beneath (ie the subconscious) which is the foundation for a truly deep understanding of how the law of attraction works for us.


Take your chance to become a conscious creator and open your eyes, heart and mind to just how limitless and powerful we really are! We can do it together.


Here are some of the elements that will be covered on this course:


Elements of this course will include:


  • Understanding the Law of Attraction on all levels

  • Energy Constructs & Vibrational Attraction

  • The Ego, Unconscious Commitments & Core Beliefs

  • Money Energy

  • Powerful visualisation

  • Understanding what you really want

  • The receiving mode, flow and synchronicities

  • Worthiness, self-care and unconditional love

  • The challenges and how to handle them

  • Resistance – understanding the concept, it’s forms and how it blocks us

  • The Art of Alignment & Inspired Action

  • The Power of Emotions – how to handle the negative ones and harness the positive

  • Short guided meditation, written exercises and group discussion


This course will take place over 5 weeks so it will be an empowering way to brighten up the dark nights!

 Monday 2nd November - Monday 30th November 2020

Wednesday 4th November - Wednesday 2nd December 2020


The places will be limited to just 8 so that we can enjoy maximising the connection within the group of like-minded individuals and the learning. Place are booking fast!!


Book your place, put your seatbelt on and get ready for your cosmic adventure of the universe and self-discovery!


If you have any questions, please get in touch on

The Incredible Power of You

This two session course will support you in delving into what is holding you back and to change the story you are telling yourself.


My practical strategies enable you to transform this fear into a far more empowering message, to change the way you think & to own your strengths authentically.


It includes short guided meditations to keep you grounded and supported in a high vibration.

Share as much or as little as you like, this is a comfortable space that attracts like-minded people.

Full handbook provided.

Extra Value: You are also welcome to have either a free intuitive tarot coaching sesion with me for 30-60 mins via Zoom or a 1/2 price coaching session for 60-90 mins via Zoom (£40 instead of £80) as part of this package.

Next Session Dates to commit to: TBA

This course is ideal for you, if you want the following:

To experience the power of guided meditation

To connect more deeply with your inner guidance

To raise your energy vibration through emotional intelligence

To strengthen your self-worth and confidence and to look within

To discover what could be holding you back from fulfilling relationships (professional or personal)

To stand in your own power and authentically honour your strengths

Self-development on a transformational level

Learn practical energy techniques for everyday life as well as doing the work in the sessions

More confidence in small group work and open minded, supportive discussion

What to Expect:

Session 1: A warm welcome & introduction.

  • Short Grounding Meditation

Staying grounded in our body is a life skill to balance the energy of the mind and help us with navigating our path. It helps us to feel more calm, capable, supported and able to go with the flow. It helps us to anchor in the present moment which is where all our power is. I will share a technique that you can use in any situation in life to instantly help you feel grounded.

  • Shadow Exercise

This will help you to discover how you could be holding yourself back and the story you have been telling yourself about this. I will then show you how to begin to practically change it into a more empowering message.

  • Quick Heart Centre Meditation

To support your cardiovascular system & invite you to feel more compassion and kindness for yourself from within.

  • Light Homework

What to focus on/be aware of until the second session following week.




Session 2:

  • Sharing learnings or experiences since the last session.

  • Grounding & Centering Meditation

This meditation brings focus to your pineal gland which is responsible for melatonin production (a feel-good serotonin derived hormone) & you will learn another technique that you can use in everyday life to stay centred and neutral.

  • Strengths Exercise

This exercise will help you explore your strengths in an intuitive way. It will help you to feel confident and comfortable in developing and honouring your strengths and allowing yourself to shine in an authentic way.

  • Quick Heart Centred Meditation

To boost your contentment levels and feel-good vibration!

Extra Value: Following the course, for additional empowerment, you can choose either a free 121 Intuitive Tarot Coaching Session for 30-60 mins via Zoom or a 1/2 price 121 Coaching Session of 60-90 mins via Zoom.


Amanda Green

Emotional Health Coach



Feel balanced, energised & self-assured

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