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These sessions are for those of us who want to think, feel and live in a different way, who are looking to live a more soul-driven and heart centred existence.


They are for people who want to connect to their higher self and to be able to integrate all parts of themselves. It is for those of us who are prepared to see the truth and begin to let go of the beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us.


Personal Power Workshop

* Identify your achilles heel (it could be doubt, worry, negative thinking, inner critic, victim, low self-worth, self-sabotage, perfectionist, control freak etc).


* Learn a practical & powerful technique to transform your block(s).


* Guided energy experience.


* Discussion and sharing as you feel comfortable.


Join this like-minded group for an empowering 90 minute workshop via zoom. Workbook provided.

Thursday 6th May 2021, 7-8.30pm.

WARNING: I have a sense of humour and energy that I will gladly bring to the party BUT these are not happy clappy sessions that will temporarily lift your spirit with no lasting effect because that is not transformation, that's the equivalent to watching TV! We will laugh thoug, because there's always something to laugh about and it helps if we can laugh at ourselves.

My work is deep, rich and intense and when you do real transformational work, it is challenging and hard and sometimes painful BUT, it is where the magic is so you can change from the inside out! In these sessions I will empower you through the journey and you must also be prepared to support and empower yourself even more. By doing this work, you can be forever changed...but that can also be a scary idea because we are so conditioned and feel safe by staying the same and old patterns can die hard.

MYTH BUSTER: What I have learned through running previous coures is that we tend to have a very limited view of how the Law of Attraction works. From my experience, the general understanding seems to be that we just need to think positively to attract good things into our lives, however, that is an incredibly simplistic definition.


I am not knocking positive thinking but there is so much more to it. The Law of Attraction is a guide on our path to our unique destiny. It is also underpinned by the Law of Vibration which means that the universe responds to not only our conscious thought but also our subconscious and unconscious emotional energy. So there is much more going on beneath the surface for us in our programming and conditioning that is impacting what and who the universe is bringing to us. It is when we learn these lessons and see the truth in these patterns that the magic happens.

Book your place, put your seatbelt on and get ready for your adventure of self-discovery!


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Recent Testimonials

"I joined the Law of Attraction course after a 1-2-1 session with Amanda and I was unsure what to expect.

What I discovered was a group of lovely people, all on their own journeys and so much wisdom, insightfulness and different perspectives that has, and continues to help me so much on my own journey of discovery.

Some years ago I did read The Secret and I appreciated the idea of 'thoughts become things', but I couldn't quite grasp being positive all of the time and I knew I had some emotional blocks to remove. What Amanda's course taught me is that we are all human. It has also equipped me with exercises and methods to deal with those blocks, treating myself with compassion and curiosity as opposed to frustration and resentment. Before the course I would often think something was wrong with me and that I needed to be fixed, but that wasn't the case at all.


I have spent so much time and money on therapists and councillors over the years, and whilst I can't say it was entirely wasteful, it wasn't the 'enlightenment' I was hoping for. But coming away from Amanda's course I honestly do feel a sense of enlightenment. It was the first time I have actually questioned my 'inner voice', beliefs and desires and in doing so I have found freedom, confidence and a sense of clarity and direction that I have not felt for as long as I can remember. If you are contemplating this course my only advice is to say 'yes'!" Stephanie

"Just finished Amanda's  'Law of Attraction Course.' It is jam packed with golden nuggets of information and thought provoking exercises. I have learned so much and I'm already putting it into practice!

Amanda is so interesting and makes things easy to understand - interacting with the whole group.

Would highly recommend!" Denise

"Working with Amanda Green feels like a wish come true. So knowledgeable, wise, friendly, professional, giving, funny, intuitive & down to earth – I could go on.

If you’re looking for a resource to help you achieve anything, find your life purpose, attract the previously unattractable, this lovely lady is the person you’ve been looking for.

You also get to meet some absolutely beautiful souls you can share your journey with. I learned so much from our sessions, everyone was able to speak & it felt like a really safe place to share quite personal indepth things.

Don’t be put off by the sessions being on Zoom– it is so worth attending.

It's not all rainbows and unicorns, it takes you into some deep places, but very safely & with complete support. It is however a case of what you put in you get out. You could just do the session & ignore the homework, or rush it, & you will still learn some fab tools & get some results. However, if you really apply yourself, keep digging, do all the homework, use the tools daily & really investigate some of your core beliefs & emotions that can be difficult to face, it is transformational.

Amanda has this unique style while not taking things too light heartedly, she will always inject some humour & is very gentle – try asking her about rollerskates & finger gestures while driving........!

I do believe this work has changed my life already & know there is much more to come."


"Amanda was recommended to me by a close friend who spoke very highly of the difference that she had made, not only in her life but also to many others whom she had since recommended her to. I can now say after both 1:1 work with Amanda and attending her Law of Attraction course that she is a wonderful lady who is really knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She has a lovely relaxed manner, made me feel instantly at ease and helped me to explore my thoughts and beliefs to better understand the impact that they were having on my life." Rachael.

"Amanda is one unique and special lady with such a truly authentic approach to what she does. Her sessions are some of the most effective I have experienced and her ability to put you at ease, enabling you to open up, together with her experience, knowledge and intuition, lead you to viable solutions to access the best possible you, helping release old thought and behavioural patterns which so often hold us back.

Make no mistake, you get out what you put in. It can get deep and dark, but it’s all an adventure. If life were a looking glass, this would be a good chance to shatter those false illusions we’ve built up and lived by for all those years!" Sarah


Amanda Green

Emotional Health Coach


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