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Take Back Your Personal Power!


Wouldn't you agree that most of the time, the real battle is within...?!


It's time to take action, time to work with your inner warrior!


Let’s get out that sword of truth & cut through the BS, the deadwood and the weeds!


Raise your shield and deflect the negative energies, it's time to stand for yourself and focus on what you want. Empower yourself and you will empower others authentically and automatically.


What we see and experience in our world (in relationships, in the workplace, in our businesses) is a reflection of our inner world.


This is a great time to take back our personal power. If we want to live a life to love, we have got to start with ourselves and life is too short to squander it!


Every thought and belief and feeling we have is putting out a vibrational order to the universe…we will receive what we believe. The amazing news is, we can turn this around!


Everyone has their own version of how we lose or give away our personal power.

This just gets in the way of fulfilling our purpose and we all have at least one!


Recognise any of these...?

I have dealt with all of them but then I am greedy like that :D


The Victim – feeling unloved, uncared for, disempowered. Holding onto blame & resentment.


Boundary Leaks – doing things we don’t want to do, compromising ourselves, losing power to unhealthy habits.


Self-Sabotage - low frequency emotions and thoughts leading to actions that sabotage us from getting the very thing we really want.


External Validation Seeker - losing our centre of self and not knowing our truth, listening to the input of everyone else and not feeling confident about making our own decisions.


Doubter – doubting our ability, fear of failure or success, putting ourselves down, questioning who are we to make these moves and rise up, uncertainty, lack of trust.


Worrier - fear of the future, feeling anxious, insecure, consumed by thoughts (stuck in the head) and feeling confused and overwhelmed.


What's on offer to empower you?


This fabulous bundle:


90 minute 121 Coaching Session – exploring and clarifying how/where you are losing your personal power. Sharing of a one highly effectice strategy to be used consistently. Connection to your soul desires. Law of Attraction. Optional guided meditation in the session. There will be simple but effective homework and committment required.


Follow on: 4 x 30 minute 121 weekly accountability sessions.


This is powerful, uplifiting, empowering support and it will be as powerful as you make it. I am fully committed!


Available in March & April for £190. I can't wait to get started!!

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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