invest in your most valuable assets: people

Personal DevelopMent

Emotional Intelligence = Enhanced Communication + Positive Relationships

Self-Mastery + Personal Leadership = Leaders Flourish + People Shine + Teams Co-operate

Productivity Increases + Stress Reduces = Businesses Growth

121 Transformation Coaching

  • Empowering experience.

  • Enhances personal development.

  • Provides a neutral space for self-discovery.

  • Transforms & enhances talents, skills, beliefs & authentic confidence.

  • Increase self-awareness & emotional intelligence & communication.

  • Reflective practice & learning.

  • Emotional health & support.

  • Practical progress & action steps.

  • Accountability & Progress Reports.

for self-mastery workshop

Insightful group workshop to develop greater self-awareness & emotional intelligence.

  • Master your mindset.

  • Increase effective communication skills.

  • Improve professional & personal relationships.

  • Develop a new level of personal leadership.

A physiological approach involving:

  1. Purposeful theory & techniques.

  2. Practical exercise (easy to do from your chair & providing you can breathe, you can do it!).

  3. Thought-provoking questions to work through in the workbook.

Raise Your Vibration

Fun & interactive 2 hour group workshop focused on energy & positive psychology to improve our wellbeing.

We explore the character strengths of happiness & how we can practically use them in our daily lives.

Our energy has an impact!

We have a responsibility to ourselves & those we share an environment with, to work on our emotional intelligence & vibration.

Workbook provided.

Action learning sets

Facilitated peer network which creates greater accountability than the level that can be achieved through coaching or mentoring alone or meetings.

Facilitated sharing of knowledge & experience for the progress of leadership, business growth & positive company culture.

Creative & inclusive technique for bringing solutions to problems, challenges & opportunities.

A learning space which enhances communication & coaching skills for the common goals of the business.