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About Amanda Green
Passionate About Emotional Health and Positive Change



Hello there!

Thank you for visiting my website. I am Amanda Green and I help people with their emotional health, it's just as important as looking after your physical health & the two are intrinsically linked. 


It will become apparent in my coaching sessions that I am passionate about increasing your self esteem,  confidence, wellbeing & happiness. 


As well as being passionate about helping Lancashire stay healthy, I am a wife, mother of two girls & horse rider (since deciding to 'face my fear' a few years ago)! Life has thrown some interesting curve balls & so, just like everyone else, I am a working progress & continuously using positive psychology for an energised, balanced & happy life. 


I am fascinated by the human mind, our thoughts, emotions & behaviours so I spend a lot of time researching, learning & studying this topic along with  energy.

I have conducted hundreds of coaching sessions with clients with a range of issues ranging from frustration, disconnection, anxiety, depression, low self-worth, co-dependency, overwhelm & emotional distress. I support people who want to tap into their inner world, overcome limiting beliefs, strengthen their self-worth, find their purpose & explore their path. I use a combination of coaching techniques, positive psychology, psychotherapy, practicality, energy & spirituality.


I understand through experience as well as education, what anxiety does to your body & your mind & how debilitating it can be. Life is too precious & too short to spend our energy worrying (and boy does it take a lot of energy)! If you are struggling with this, I provide techniques to help ovecome it.

My background is 20 years experience in sales,  training, mentoring, building high performance sales teams & developing team leaders. I prepared people for public speaking & product demonstrations, most had never worked in sales previously & lacked confidence.  This is what led me to coaching because I wanted to understand how to get the very best out of people & that is different for each individual.


I pratice what I preach & follow my own plan for living my life to the best. I have challenged myself throughout my life whether that's been in business, delivering presentations/workshops, as a mother, as a coach or on the back of a horse! I am far from fearless but I have developed courage &  believe everyone has the capacity to do this & get more out of life with a higher degree of happiness & satisfaction.

I also have a huge interest in releasing what no longer serves us, particularly with regard to bad habits, emotional eating, dependencies & excess weight. Having lost two stone since overhauling my diet & significantly reducing the foods & drinks that caused me issues, tiredness,  digestive problems & health concern, I am passionate about transformation from the inside out. Whatever you want to see in your external reality, it starts in the mind!



Amanda Green

Coaching Qualifications

Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching - The Coaching Academy

CPD Certificate in Stress and Mental Health - Human Givens College

CPD Certificate in Understanding Anxiety and Managing It Without Drugs - Human Givens College

CPD Certificate in Effective Brief Psychotherapy - Human Givens College

Diploma in Gut-Brain Connection - Centre of Excellence

Diploma in Positive Psychology - Centre of Excellence

Diploma in Energy Anatomy - Centre of Excellence

Diploma in Kinesiology - Centre of Excellence

CPD Certificate in Mindfulness Coaching - The Coaching Academy

CPD  Certificate in Financial Coaching - The Coaching Academy

Reiki First Degree

Reiki Second Degree

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