Managing Stress & Anxiety

When suffering from anxiety, life can become challenging and not in a good way. The results can be debilitating, limiting and even painful and terrifying.

One of the side effects of stress and anxiety is that it becomes difficult to think straight. We tend to adopt black and white thinking which leaves no room for creativity and possibility. In fact, it can feel like opportunity and motivation are unavailable.

A poor sleep pattern tends to ensue with anxiety (and depression) because, when we worry, we ruminate and spend more time in the dream state of sleep. This means we have less access to the nourishing slow sleep we need to feel refreshed when we wake. This leads to a host of other physical and emotional problems and we can become trapped in a perpetual cycle of hopelessness and feeling unable to cope.

Our mind goes into overdrive and keep us stuck in a counter-productive thought pattern which is detrimental to our self-esteem and impacts confidence as well as our problem-solving capabilities.

I help my clients reach a calm and confident state with affordable and effective coaching sessions. I use a combination of performance coaching and psychotherapy to support you with a tailored strategy to meet your specific needs, depending on your situation and level of anxiety.

I will provide you with simple but impactful techniques you can use to manage your anxiety and also rebuild/improve your self-belief and confidence levels and help you develop a positive thought pattern.

My style is warm, supportive, progressive, non-judgemental and of course completely confidential.


WARNING: I do have a sense of humour and I am not afraid to use it where appropriate!

                                    Who I Work With


I work with people in Lancashire who are suffering from anxiety, concerned about their emotional health and willing to invest in themselves. You might not know where to start but you will have a desire to make positive change and live a fulfilled life. This is possible!

My clients are often high achievers and deep thinkers who need a challenge and have a sensitive and caring side. They are talented, strong and vibrant and often the very kind of people you would not expect to have anxiety. They feel as though they are under a dark cloud and know they are not being their true selves.

Often my clients are in a situation where their needs are not being met but they are “not a quitter” so they endure it for longer than most. They are ordinarily highly creative and resourceful people, however, the prolonged exposure to stress hormones has limited these functions and replaced them with a narrative that operates from a position of fear and threat with minimal energy levels and maximum self-doubt.


They can convince themselves that their expectations are too high and that they simply need to develop more resilience. In the meantime, they may be feeling more unhappy and their self-worth could be affected.